Are you bored!?!?!?

Ok here are some things to do at different places. If you aren't a very outgoing
person it isn't probably good thing to do these. Let me put it simple....
Do these things=embarassment.

Things to do at:
a Public Bathroom

1)Drop something in a toilet and then go- "WoW! I've never seen that color before!"

2)(Guy)Borrow a bra and then go to the bathroom and "accidently" drop it on the 

3)Peep over your neighbors stall and ask to borrow some toilet paper.

4)Write a note pass it under the stall saying, "Are you having any trouble in there?"

5)Stand on the toilet seat and hold something heavy ( and make constapated 
noises and then drop it in the toilet. Then say, "Boy that was a tuffy."

Things to do at:
an elevator

1)Annoy the hell out of everyone and push ALL the buttons.

2)Use the emergency phone and ask to speak to your fav. celebrity. (i.e. Kims would 
be Jamie Kennedy)

3)Press the EMERGENCY STOP button and when they ask about it say you thought it was
the PANIC button. And you were having a trauma so you thought if you press the button
you would feel better. (And tell them that you do)

4)Sit in the corner talking to yourself saying "It's going to be alright. Really
it is."

5)Look into your bag (i.e. purse, backpack) wispering "Can you breath in there?" 

Things to not do:
at a Family reunion

1)DO NOT make out with ANY family members. Do not make me repeat myself.

2)Do not make a total idiot out of yourself because YOU WILL live with it
for the rest of your life.

3)Do not get drunk and let the red neck make you think he's related to you.
You know he just really wants a peice of ASS! Damn hicks always trying to 
marry their cousins. 

4)For the love of Jesus Cale (Can't you tell it's me? Kim!) donot blurt
things out that people donot know. (i.e. you do drugs, aren't a virgin)
It'll eventually get back to parents and your screwd. My motto: DON'T TRUST

5)Do not eat Aunt Ednas Egg salad. you'll regret it later.

Things to do:
in a car

1)Hold a sign to a window saying funny things. (i.e. man if I was you I 
would get lipo-suction.) (another one would be: Your front left tire is
flat. And when they pull over and try to fix it they will discover that
it isn't)

2)Sing STUPID songs to annoy the hell out of the people areound you. Are
favs would be: The song that never ends, Its a small world, 99 Bottles of 
Beer on the Wall, and Are we there yet?

3)Anytime you are near a limo at a stop light knock on the window and ask
for Grey poupon.

4)Hit people in the car. Old people: 5pts. Kids:5 pts. Teens: 10pts. 
Adults: 10pts. and if they know you are coming add another 5pts.

5)Roll down your window and stick your head out and your tongue. See how
many bugs you can catch n your mouth.

Things to do:
at a dance

1)Strip! You earn LOTS of attention.

2)Just happen to spill soda on the person you hate most. Oops!

3)Tie peoples shoes together. They'll be HIT dancers for the rest of the

4)Ask the DJ to play the most annoying song he has, like, Celine Deiones
"My Heart Will Go On", "Around the World", and anything Puff Daddy.

5)Do a dance move from like 5 years ago and see how the crowd reacts. Do
like the cabbage patch, the running man, the butterfly, the macarena, etc.

Things to do:
at a Movie Theatre

1)Hand Puppets! This is so much fun. Kristin would know. (Kim: All I have to
say to that was I was throughly embarassed at "Ever After")

2)Sneak food. Yum! Sandwhiches, Soda cans, and chips! Get the muchies!

3)Dance in the aile on the way to your seat. Specially if the movie is 
gonna be boring. People need entertainment!

4)Blurt out the ending- even if you don't know it. People get so irritated.
It is really funny.

5)Laugh at really scary or sad parts. This is very akward but is worth the
shot. You'll think it is funny the next day.

Things to do:
at a resturant (fancy- were not talking McDonalds)

1)Ask for hot dog with fries and soda. This is especially fun if like all they
serve is Scampi, Spaghetti, Veal Parmesan, etc.

2)Drop your fork and remain under the table for 5 minutes. And then when you
pop back up announce that the little sucker tried to get away.

3)Accidently fling slippery food across the room. Then if they look at you say
"Well I have concluded an expeirment that rubber is slippery. Thank you all for

4)When you are done with your food make a smilie face with the left overs. You'll
brighten a waitors day! Or not.

5)Fold your tip money underneath to look like there is more then there really is. 
You'll make your waitor feel happy til he picks it up.

Things to do:

in an elevator PART 2

1)Grimace painfully while smacking your forehead and muttering: Shut up, all of you just SHUT UP!

2)Offer name tags to everyone getting on the elevator.

3)Greet everyone with a warm handshake and ask them to call you admiral.

4)On the highest floor, hold the door open until you hear the penny you dropped down the shaf go "plink" at the bottom.

5)Stare,grinning,at the other passenger for a while, and then announce: I've got new socks on!

6)When at least 8 people have boarded, moan from the back: Oh, not now, the motion sickness.

7)Frown and mutter: gotta go, gotta go. Then sigh and say "oops!" And that concludes our page dedicated to people with no time on their hands, like us. If you want to know results of these cool things e-mail us. Becuase we tested them all. Were very proud and dedicated to this page. Huh huh huh.