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The Spork Kingdom.
Who lives here?
And what the hell is in that friggin’ spork fort that Crim resides in?!?

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Last Updated: 06.17.00

Halo & Strata

How many times can Crim change the look of this site in a week? Only the Goddess of Frizzy Fur can tell!

-New look! Man am I getting picky…haha
-Updated: Millennium Fan Fic Awards (thank you so far to the people who have signed up to be a judge. I will be picking them shortly.) Nominations open soon!
-Updated: RWML Times has been updated.
-NEW! Take a tour of the Spork Fort where Crimson resides.

Appease her highness.

Millennium Fan Fic Awards

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cans of hairspray.

Introducing the Millennium Fan Fiction Awards 2000! Come support the awards or volunteer to be a judge!

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