No it's not that "sign" by Ace of Base.

Ever wonder how in the HELL this page got started?

Yeah everybody does

Cause they like got the sign that this was a sister site...

I mean first their was the main site..."the edge of N'Sync" by Kim

then came "the edge of BSB" by Morgan and "the edge of KORN" by Amber

Or so?

Actually this page was originally called "Kim & Kristy's Derailed Page"

It was started the same day "the edge of N'Sync" so it's damn original. not fucking trendy.

KIM: Well Kristy and I wanted to do a page together. No- let me rephrase that. She wanted a page and she's damn clueless on HTML. SO I put the page together for her, typing and all. And to this very day am still doing it. KRISTY: Ha. KIM: Oh thanks for the graditude. KRISTY: Chris is fine. KIM: Those three words "Chris is fine" are HER daily vocabulary. She has to say it at least ten times a day or she won't fall asleep. KRISTY: It's some weird disease I picked up in the Bahama's. Don't give me that- all I hear 24/7 is oooooh AJ and Lance isn't gay! KIM: Your point? KRISTY: SO what were trying to say is that despite that it's MY page Kim does it. And we both do the interviews just because they are cooler or somethin. Uh, yeah. Hey did you know I got a concussion when I fell down Kim's stairs? It was cool. KIM: Yeah and I didn't have any ice...just frozen vegetables. KRISTY: They saved my life. KIM: Damn straight they did. We also got it on camera...I am so serious. Someday when I learn how to put short clips on web pages we'll have it and you guys can all laugh at her like I did. KRISTY: It wasn't funny. KIM: From my point of view it was histarical. Or as Amber would say, "Stinkin hilarious!" KRISTY: Stop with the Amber! I already get enough from her! AAaaaaaaaaaaah! Hey did I mention yet that Chris is fine? KIM: And you people thought I was bad with AJ. How wrong you were. KRISTY: I- uh thanks Kim for helping me with the page. KIM: Whoa! Did I hear a "thank you" uttered from Kristy's mouth? KRISTY: Don't rub it in. KIM: There is a GOD! There are only two things that have suprised me in this world that I somehow live in. That- Kristy saying thanks and when Spice Girls didn't win the BEST GROUP video at the 98' Billboard awards. Again I will say it. THERE IS A GOD! KRISTY: Oh god I hate the Spice Girls. The only one that was decent was Ginger. And that was because she left. KIM: They suck. KRISTY: And Hanson. Oh god- who in their right mind would actually call them guys? KIM: No one we know. KRISTY: Good. KIM: And who let AJ wear that gay chocker in "Quit Playing Games with my Heart?" KRISTY: Where did that come from? KIM: Morgan's brain waves... KRISTY: Oh! God I could fucking whip out a knife and stab the person who allowed Howie to take off his shirt and then feel himself up in the rain. It was bad enough with his clothes on! KIM: And why can't Kevin pluck his fro-y 'brows? KRISTY: Only God would know...And why are Brians nostrils so BIG? KIM: And why does Nick resemble a Hanson sister? KRISTY: And how does AJ fit all those UGLY tattoos on his bony sickly pale arms? KIM: And his nickname...Bone? KRISTY: Brian calls him Boner. There's a clue. Ha! I bet he has like 10 condoms in his wallet. Good ol' Trojan Man. KIM: And why does Aaron Carter open for them at their concerts? Howie's squeaking is already torture. Did they feel they needed more? KRISTY: Kim, why is there a different peice of glass on your french door that doesn't match the rest of them? KIM: (looks at the door) I have no clue. KRISTY: Hey was there even a point to making this page? KIM: I don't remember. Wanna stop? KRISTY: Yeah. KIM: I'm hungry. KRISTY: You always are. KIM: So? KRISTY: God- KIM: Wanna go eat somethin? I think there are frosted oatmeal cookies on the counter. KRISTY: Yeah.

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