Sponsers and Thank You's

Kristy: I would like to thank like, a lot of people.

Kim: Me too.

Kristy: Okay...let me think.

Kim: Dude I gotta eat somethin. You can do this page. These cookies are starring me in the

Kristy: Wasabi balls. Definately. So- thank you Wasabi balls.

Kim: Kristy there is more to thank then Wasabi balls.

Kristy: There is? I mean there is. Thank you pudding- the truth is in you.

Kim:Thanks Amber!

Kristy: Thanks Mr. Clean!

Kim: Oh and that handsome man that always pops up right when you need him...Mr Trojan Man!

Kristy: Thanks Chris! I love you! Dreds and all!

Kim: Thanks AJ. Your fine off your butt. And Lance, love ya.

Kristy: Uh- (thinks real hard so it looks like she's constipated) thanks for the cookies Kim you
just handed me.

Kim: No prob. *munch*

Kristy: *munch* And thank you people that clean up the popcorn on the floor at movie theatres. You
guys mean so much to us!

Kim: Thank you Limp Bizkit.

Kristy: Hey Kim I thought you didn't like Limp Bizkit!

Kim: I don't. It's just cool that Fred Durst signed some chick's boob and wore an N'Sync shirt. He
drew over them but still! I have a new found respect for him!

Kristy: ?

Kim: Uh yeah.

Kristy: No thanks to my dumb ass boyfriend.

Kim: No thanks to my non-exhistant boyfriend.

Kristy: Thank you Jon Davis for giving Amber something to talk about then Ricky.

Kim: Thank you Nick Carter for giving Kristy a reason to do the Backstreet Boy interview with me.

Kristy: uh- damn damn damn damn damn damn damn

Kim: And uh thank you JC Chasez because now Morgan likes you and doesn't like Justin!

Kim & Kristy: (screams in unison) THANK YOU CHEESE!

Kristy: And last and most leastly thank you everybody that hates our page, because of you we made this
and forever will keep it on the world wide web.

Kim: Bye-sabi!

Kristy: Chris is fine.

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