Kristy and Kim meet N'Sync again!

KIM: Wasabi! Were back to do yet another interview with N'Sync! YEAH! KRISTY: Chris is fine. KIM: N'Sync is meeting us here in the lobby of their hotel. KRISTY: Which we can't specify because were afraid of eleven year olds mobing them. KIM: Or us. KRISTY: Hey maybe I'll actually talk to them this time. KIM: Really? KRISTY: I said maybe. Don't get your hopes up. KIM: Hey look there they are! (points to 5 short guys getting off of an elevator) Dude something is different. KRISTY: I don't see anything, wait...where's Chris? KIM: No, no. Are they shorter or something? KRISTY: Maybe it's because were sitting down. KIM:*shrugs* Hi guys! Nice to see you again! ABS: Yeah that uh- last time was a blast. KRISTY: Truly. Richard: So uh Kristy tell us again about how much you like me. KRISTY: Excuse me? Richard: You know...I'm Chris. KRISTY: Where's your dreds? And I never said I liked you- but I do. Richard: I uh am psychic. When your famous you- uh can do stuff like that. KRISTY: You didn't answer my question, where's your dreds? Richard: I cut them off. KRISTY: Okay. KIM: So guys- last time you never sang a clip of your songs to us. Kristy and I would love to hear you live! Kristy: Speak for your- (Kim elbows Kristy) Ouch! 5ive: Okay! *sings* "Baby when the lighs go out...every single word I can't express the love and tenderness. I'll show you what it's all about..." KIM: *confused look* KRISTY: *disgusted look* KIM: Hey Joey- you haven't eaten one thing yet. Are you on a diet or something? J: *major british accent* Yes the managers said that I- KIM: Hey what is up with the accent? Are you guys spending too much time in England? Sean: We have been- KRISTY: Something isn't right Kim. I don't think this is Chris. (points to Richard) I know for a fact that Chris didn't shave his goatee thing. KIM: Yeah I think so Kristy. I really don't think they were that short. Plus their music sucked more then usual. 5ive: HEY! KRISTY: So what does this mean? KIM: I haven't figured it out yet. Maybe it means they aren't N'Sync. KRISTY: Damn your smart! You think they aren't? KIM: I didn't think the guys were capable of British accents. KRISTY: You're right! I think this is that poser group 5ive from England. J: We are and damn proud of oursleves! KIM: Then how come you didn't just tell us you were 5ive in the first place? J: Uh I never thought about that. KRISTY: Could've covered up your accents too. Richard: Oops. KIM: And for one thing J- we know that Joey is so much fatter then that. Do you think were stupid? KRISTY: Why did you guys pretend to be N'Sync? ABS: Because they are so much more popular then us. We need the publicity more then them. KIM: Maybe it's because you suck. KRISTY: I think it's time to kick some poser ass. KIM: Hell yeah. KIM & KRISTY: *chase after 5ive and when the posers run like pansies out of the hotel they stop* KIM:*panting* They *pant* aren't worth my energy. KRISTY: I want a Dr. Pepper.

Warning might not want to look at bottom picture. We sure as hell didn't. We thought they looked different...We want our money back! Where's N'Sync?

Warning! This interview may or may not have taken place

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