Kim's Obsessions

here is N'Sync

Alright!!! I get to talk about my fav subjects! He he. You ppl are in for it. Ha! Anyways my two obsessions- (according to Kristy) would be N'Sync and Jamie Kennedy. Well I think I'll start with like N'Sync. (Kristin: God help us all.) (Kim: Amen!!!)

N'Sync- reasons WHY I am obsessed:

1) I have a WHOLE web page dedicated to them. (Check out link on main page if not go to:

2) I have 2- count em- 2 N'Sync Debut ALBUMS and like soon will have the Christmas one. I know what your thinking "Christmas Albums? They are corny and will flop" but thats the thing. I DON'T CARE!!!!!

3) I deny that Lance is gay (Kristin: Ha! Howie(BsB) and Lance should get together!! They should be on Jerry Springer: "I want you to be my gay Lover")(Kim: Very funny Kristin. I shall get you back on your obsession page!) even though he like wears make-up. (Kim: But that is what makes him so cool! He wears the same color lip stick as like me!)

4) In the middle of my drama class I got up and started singing "Tearin Up My Heart" and dancing. (Kristin: I was shocked for life. I am still recovering) (Kim: hey my dancing isn't that bad!) (Kristin: uuuuh..)

5) I made Kristin watch the N'Sync Disney Special like 22 times (myself seeing it like 46) (Kristin: I am in a 12 step thearapy program at the moment for that!) and I still not bored of it. We now know every song/dance by heart. (Kristin: Its not something to brag about Kim)

Now here is like a summary of the guys!

JUSTIN= Fine but like wants to be a gangster. Sucky Sucky. (Oh by the way Kristin thinks he is cute and was like liking him like for a while. But she moved out of that phase thanks to my thearapy!)

LANCE= FINE but kinda like gay. Has a great voice.

JC=Fine but like steals the spotlight from other people.

CHRIS= Not fine but has the coolest attitude. This is the guy that Kristin is like (shhh don't tell) is like obsessed with.

JOEY= one word: fat.

Now moving on...Drum roll please! dndndndndndnnnnnndndndndndnnd. Now my weird obsession with Jamie Kennedy. Yeah! Ok he is like the coolest actor in the world! He is soooooo fine and had the cutest goatee in Scream 2. That is the reason I liked the movie. (Kristin: David Arquette is cuter) But I was really PIST OFF when they like had to kill him. It sucked. I whined for the rest of the movie. (Kristin: tell me about it) And I think Jamie really looked CUTE in Romeo and Juliet. Not that many ppl knew that he was in it. But I DO!!!! And I think that will like conclude my obsessions because my arm is about to fall off, and I still have to type Kristins obsessions or you'll have to like get a translator to read it! (Reminder: i F Ij c ould- translation: If I could)

Viva Gorditas! Kim

Have you had YOUR obsession today?

(Kristin: I counted up the total amount of likes and here is the grand estimate: 19)

Here is Jamie Kennedy (2nd one from left)