Kelly from Pennsylvania writes:

Dear Sex Doctor Kristy-
I am in a very serious relationship right now, and my boyfriend, let's call him Jake, and we love
each other very much. Finally after 6 months, even though we both aren't virgins, we've decided
to take our relationship a step farther. And what I mean about that is, sex. Well, Jake, convinced
me to give him oral sex (even though I despise it) and he came in my mouth. I ran to the bathroom
and spit it out (I am not a hoe- I don't swallow thank you), and when I returned we became intimate
again. We we're about to go all the way, and Jake couldn't get it up. Why!? He seemed perfectly
fine a half n'hour early when I gave him a blow job! This is insulting! Who's to blame? And why on
earth couldn't he get it up!?

Sincerely, Kelly

Dear Kelly,
Well this is a toughy. I would like to start out with saying, don't at all put the blame on yourself. It
is not at all your fault. If your boyfriends little soilder doesn't want to come up and say hello, that it
his fault. Personally, my theory is, is that he was too exausted from the head , becaused he used
all of his energy up right then. So take a valium, kick back, and think happy thoughts!

Lots of love,

Stacey from New Jersey Writes:

Dear obsession docter Kim,
I have this best friend, Angela, who is not onley obssesed with her ex-boyfriend (whom she has
been broken up from for over a year) but is also obssesed with The lead singer from Karrot (Ron
Clavis) I swear if i'm not hearing abot one, it's the other. By the way i would like to add that they
both have absolutly NO CONTACT WITH HER WHATSOEVER! Ron doesn't even know her and her
ex Dick Barker, wants to avoid her at all cost. How can I get her to stop her weird attatchments?

Concerned, Stacey

My Concerned Stacey in New Jersey:

One word for you, therapy. Yes, I know it sounds a bit drastic at first, but it's really nothing to be
embarassed of. I have helped people who we're so obsessed with the band member, Justin
Timberlake of 'N Sync, they literally thought he was God. You just keep repeating: Justin is NOT
God. Justin is NOT God. You DON'T need your gold Justin idols to live your life. And it's as simple
as 1-2-3, as Michael Jackson used to sing. Unfortunately therapy isn't always the answer. It
seems like it could be, but some people just can't get past the first inital stage. (They don't see
the light, sad but true) So if therapy fails, use some good ol fashion advice. SMACK THE SENSE
INTO THAT DENSE BITCH! Thank you and good night.

The One, The Only, THEE OBSESSED,
Doctor Kim P.H.D.