Kristin talking about Kim

Ay baby wuz hap-o-neen. Anyways i get to talk about kim now! HA HA! If I could describe Kim in one word it would be: OBSESSIVE! She is freakin obsessed with N'Sync! And Jamie Kennedy! Poor me and I have to sit down and hear it all. All I hear all day is, "Oh Lance!" "So what if he wears mascara!" or "So that lip stick looks good on him!" She is also very loud.

I blame El Nino- but anyways whatever. Ok. Let me think whatelse. Don't TYPE THAT! Ugh! (I'm letting Kim type if you haven't noticed because she was gettin mad about me dissing Lance) (Kim: I am typing cuz like this is how Kristin types: i F Ij c ould (translation: If I could) Alright!!! Kim makes up cute little songs. (Kim: well thankyou) Do any of you know Super Mario Brothers for SNS? Think the castle the water castle. "Fishie wants to eat me. Says yummy yummy. Uh-oh. (Da Na) Uh-Oh (Da-Na) He's coming close! "

The reason I love Kim so much because she puts up with all the embarassing shit I put her through. (i.e.We drove through the Albertsons parking lot and McFlurry just came out and I screamed "McFlurry" like 5 times and all the people were like looking at us weird) (Another i.e. The other day Kim was taking a make up test and me and my slave were like yelling through her classroom, "Kim!!!!!" "Hurry Up!" and like she was soooo embarassed cuz all the people taking it with her were like, "Who are those dorks?!?"-uh-er-it was cool!!!!)

The picture on the top: For all of you to know Kim had it first. Shes really really pist. STOP TAKING IT! (Kim: By the way those are my dreamy dudes. N'Sync!!) Help! Help! See what I have to go through? I wonder how many times Kim said LIKE through her whole summary of me. (Kim: probably like 56)

For all of those Kristins out there that don't want to read all this long shit- Buh BYE!!!

McFluuuuuuury Always, Kristin