Kim talking about Kristin

Hello ppl! Wutang! Well its me (Kim if you haven't figured that out) and I am gonna talk about my best friend Kristin. Ok, where to start. Hmmm. He He I know! Ok she has this OBSESSION with Scream. Especially David Arquette and Neve Cambell. And what is REALLY weird is that she thinks David Arquette is cuter than Jamie Kennedy. What's she smoking?!?! I hope she shares! Let's see her fav. movies would be "Dazed and Confused", "Mallrats", "Scream" (duh), and "Buffy the Vampy Slayer". She is glued to the TV when Dawsons Creek, Buffy the Vampy Slayer, Party of 5, 90210, or Southpark come on.

Kristins fav music would be punk. She likes Everclear, the Offspring, Metallica, Sublime, and NOFX. Ok Ok enuf with the boring stuff. If I could think of a saying that would describe Kristin it would be, "Donot underestimate stupid people in large groups." Yup- definately her. He he he. She gets annoyed when ever I talk about N'Sync and that sucks. Cuz like I choose who I am gonna be obsessed with?!?!?! I mean if the people that really are (not that many I hope to GOD!) obsessed with Hanson- if they could choose I beleive they would rather be obsessed with like Natalie Imbrulia or somethin. Instead they pick 3 lil girls that claim to be boys that all they can sing is Ooombop and Marilyn Manson killed them in Celebrity Deathmatch. Those "Guys" couldn't even take out the damn Spice Sluts!!! Ok I'll shut up about Hanson now. Sorry- when I get on a subject you like have to smack me to get me to shup. (My word- it means shutup)

Back to Kristin. She uuhh is like a Slut and stuff. I mean kinda/sort. Literally ppl! Do you think I am a fucking liar? Hell NO!!! And like she has this slave and his name is Chris Doughty. Ha Ha. That reminds me- he like stood her up yesterday. Down with the Slaves! Save the Cool web page! He He. That is from Empire Records if you didn't get it. Man this is getting looooooong. Betcha $$ that Kristins will like be 2 sentences about me. Jesus Cale. Alright...I know something that you people didn't know! Kristin doesn't want to admit to liking N'Sync..but actually she told me to tape it for her! HA HA HA! True shit I tell you. And she likes the scungy dude best- Chris. Actually I like them all- but Jesus Cale did she have to pick the guy with dreds?!?!?

Did you know that the day I met Kristin (in quote) she said,"I just got a microwave and I microwaved a peice of bread. I mean it was like stale but I still ate it. Dude." Back in her DUDE phase. I am glad that we have gotten over that! Dude! And like the first time I spent the night at her house was the day we had a Lip Sync at her school and these stupid ppl were trying to be the Spice Sluts and Kristin totally screwd up the curtains like 5 times on their performance. It was sooooo cool! Oh yea and don't e-mail me about Lip Sync because it would bring back painful memories. 70s FLASHBACK! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (sing to Tiffany song)Uhhhh I think I'm done now. Doesn't seem to be anything else to say! Yea I think I'm done now- the meaning of this page is pretty pointless!

Viva Gorditas! Kim