An interview with N'Sync

Kristin here. Can you imagine the enthusiasim Kim is going through at this moment? It scares me, and not a lot of things do- besides worms and knives. But anyways here is our interview with N'Sync. We met them in LA the day they were shooting the Rock and Jock Basketball for MTV. I didn't want to go but as usual was forced to. Yea. See my enthusism? I think I'll let Kim make a fool of herself and keep my mouth shut. Talk to you at the Final thoughts.

Kim here oh my god! I can't believe I am going to met N'Sync! Aaaaah! What am I going to ask them?!?!? Oh thats right, they like nice calm girls...(he he he) Anyways people I am switching to interview format. Format Warp!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~

KIM: I am here with N'Sync in LA. Hey guys.

N'Sync: Hey Kim and Kristin. (Kristin is pretending she is invisible)

KIM: This was really nice of you to let me get an interview. Do you do this often?

Chris: uh-kinda like 24 hours a day.

Justin: Uh and does git' kinda nnoyin.

KIM: uhhhh...Never could understand that damn ebonics things.

Justin: Is you pathetic @$$ saying I uses ebonics?

Lance: I'll translate- Justin said, Are you saying I use ebonics? (bitch slaps Justin telling him that he is doing an interview)

Justin: You smackin mes round Lance? Don't make me get my homies!

KIM: Hey Joey you seem to be happily munchin on somethin. Whatch eating?

Joey: Ding-dongs. You know what I want to clear up? Some fan said that I was eating 5 ding-dongs in a museum. It was 4, can't people get the facts straight?

KIM: apparently not. So Chris how many countries has N'Sync been to?

CHRIS: We've been out of the country? When?

KIM: Ok let me ask another member. Hey where is JC?

Lance: (applying mascara)getting some beauty sleep. If you ask me it's not in the amount of sleep you get, but the facial masks. The work miracles.

Justin: JC's crunk. Everyone knows that me's the cutest!

KIM: I'll bet everyone here agress with you there.

Chris: Especially Lance! Ha Ha Ha! So Lance why don't you announce to your #1 fan what happened to you yesterday?

Lance: Kim your my #1 fan?

KIM: I guess you could put it that way. (blushes) What happened to you?

Lance: uh...

Chris: He got left behind AGAIN! We thought he was just a fan and we didn't notice he was gone til and hour later. It was sooooo funny!

Lance: No it wasn't! That was the 6th time it has happend this month!

KIM: (smacks hand to fore head)

JUSTIN:Well ya'lls we best be heading back to O-town.

KIM:Well thank you for that lovely interview. It was sure nice of you to let me sneak this in.

JOEY: (mouth full of food)Wait! Wait! I am suppose to say something. (reads somethin off of ding-dong wrapper) We are single and donot have g- uh g-rinds? And always looking for some lucky Brady to be our love of our life! I got it this time!

KIM: What do you mean?>

JOEY: Last time it got smeared with chocalate.

KIM:Well that concludes our interview with N'Sync.


KIM: How come you didn't say anything Kristin?

KRISTIN:I was more intrigued by the floor.

Thanks N'Sync for that uh, wonderful oppurtunity. Until the next interview!!!

WARNING! WARNING! This interview might NOT have taken place. Well if you actually believed it then well, that is a whole different storie!