According to Kristy

What's IN and What's OUT

*****What's IN***** ------------------- Hot Topic Clothes Clothes w/Cereal brands on them Cool Patches/stickers (i.e. Runs with Scissors) Red lipstick chain necklaces tattos (real ones) Cartoon, "Power Puff Girls" TV Shows, "Dawsons Creek", "Felicity", "Total Request Live", "Buffy" Star Bucks, "Mochachinos" Sublime Vans Airwalks Movies, "Mallrats", "Dazed and Confused", "Can't Hardly Wait", "A Bugs Life" *****Trendy, but okay***** -------------------------- KORN N'Sync Backstreet Boys Peircing anything but your ears Doc Martens Afterthoughts McDonalds Taco Bell *****What's Out***** -------------------- Hanson Spice Girls Limp Bizkit Adidas Nike Reebok Fila 5ive 98 degrees Bleaching your hair Sketchers dyeing your hair black or maroon FUBU brown lipstick Movies, "Hercules", "I know what you did last summer", "Titanic", "Men In Black" blush Star Bucks, "Frappcinos" Henna tatoos Cheerleading Cartoon, "Sailor Moon" TV Shows, "90210" "Party of 5", "Power Rangers", "Friends", "Melrose Place"

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