the edge of Derailment...

High! Welcome to my page. I am cool. And so is my page. And if you have a problem with that I can think of only one saying for you: The Truth is in The Pudding.- (Kim: And I have a feeling the pudding likes me) Anyways feel free to send me hate mail, love mail, and ANYTHING on Chris Kirkpatrick (Note: I don't like N'Sync just Chris. He is fine)

Hate Mail, Love Mail, and Chris from N'Sync Pictures!

Kristin is the person that made this page possible. But Kim was the one that actually did the HTML- because I am illiterate. Ha.

The Derailed Places to Go

The SIGN: the truth on how this page started

Last on Jan. 10, 99

Kim About Kristin: a whole page w/Kim talking about Kristin...well sorta.

Kristin About Kim: about 1/2 a page about Kim from Kristins derailed point of view

Kim's Obsessions: why kim likes the things she likes. (but still nobody knows why)

Kristin's Obsessions: two words for ya: Corny movies. very original

the ARE YOU bored page: check it out. it's cool

You think YOUR life is bad? Go here!: the life of a less fortunate being

What's In and Out: See what Kristy thinks is cool and not cool

Our N'Sync Interview: read Kim and Kristin's interview (prepare to laugh)

N'Sync Interview #2- or not!: see what happens when we try and meet N'Sync again!

The Backstreet Boys Interview: wanna meet the "true" BSB? click here

Sponsers and Thank yous: here we thank people. hey you might be listed!

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