Kristy and Kim

meet the Backstreet Boys!

Kim: Oh my god! AJ McLean is fine off his butt. Kristy: God it's starting so soon? I thought I wouldn't hear this AJ shit for another fucking five minutes. Damn. Kim: So I guess you guys reading this are probably thinking, "How in the hell did they get an interview with the Backstreet Boys?" Kristy: And as far as I am concerned you can keep wondering. Kim: Be nice Kristy. Kristy: Do I have too? I wanna see Chris- and a bathroom- HA! Kim: Dude this is not the place, or the time. Kristy: Your right. People would watch. Ew. Kim: Anyways...well since Kristy and uh, Chris are uh...close friends he called up his buddy AJ, who I might add is fine and we got an interview for our page. Kristy: At least Nick is cute or I would like have to go home. Kim: You know at least this interview you are talking. Last time you didn't say a damn thing and let me do the talking. Kristy: Well what can I say? The floor was much more interesting then Justin Timberlake. Kim: Huh, well I would have to agree. Kristy: Chris is fine. Kim: AJ is fine. Kristy: Dude! Shut up about AJ already Kim! Kim: But- Kristy: Shut up. Kim: *mutters* Bitch. Kristy: Looky there the POP boys finally made their royal asses to our hotel room. Kim: Do I look okay? Kristy: *rolls eyes* [Nick, AJ, Brian, Howie, and Kevin walk in Kim and Kristin's hotel room in Los Angelas, CA] Kristy: It's nice to see you Nick. Kim: Hi guys! I am Kim and this is Kristin. She's really in-charge of the page but I do everything for her because she beats me. Kristy: Ha. Kim: Just kidding. Anyways why don't you have a seat? Howie: *twitch, drool* Hi Kim! Okay! *drool* (sits next to her) Kim: Uh did something wet just land on my hand? Ew! Gross! (wipes hand on Brian) Brian: Hey what are you wiping on me? Kim: You don't want to know. AJ: I hear from Chris that one of you guys like me. {pulls shades down to see) So who? Kim: I think you are fine! (runs over to AJ and plants a big fatty kiss on him) Kristy: (laughs) Who would've known. Hey get a room! Or a bathroom! (laughs at own joke) Kevin: So we would just like to tell you that we aren't perfect role models and that we acknowledge the fact that many people look up to us and so we try our best. I mean a person can only do so much and- Kristy: Cut the crap. We don't care about that stupid shit. We just wanna know that why don't you pluck your eyebrows? I mean- they are big and bushy. Can you even see? Kevin: Of course I- (Howie twitches) Kristy: Hey did you just twitch? Brian: Shhhhh! He's self conscience of his disorder. Kristy: (yells) What disorder? Brian: Shhhhh. Kim: *takes a breath* (plants another kiss on AJ) Kristy: (looks at AJ and Kim) I guess that means I shall do the rest of the interview. Cool. Howie: (moves over to Kristy) I'm Howie D. I'm a Capricorn. Can I sing to you? Kristy: (gives Howie a look) SO Nick? How's everything going? Nick: Good. My girlfriend- Kristy: GIRLFRIEND? Noooooooooooo! I did this freakin interview for nothing! GOD DAMN IT! FREAKIN NOTHING! Damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn... Howie: (a long stringy peice of drool falls on Kristy's leg) Kristin: (stops saying damn for a second) You did not just do that! (bitch slaps Howie across the face) That'll stop the plumbingg problem! (remembers Nick has a girlfreind) damn damn damn damn damn damn damn... Brian: Hey Kristy I'm free! Kevin: Hey Brian don't you have a girlfriend though? Brian: Shut up Cuz- she won't know the difference. So Kristy you free tonight? Kristy: (looks at Brian) DAMN you have BIG nostrils! Kevin: Well we better be going now. We have a scheduled interview with BOP. Nice meeting you Kristy and Kim. [Kevin, Brian, Nick, and Howie leave.] (Two minutes later Kristy heads down the hall to get a Dr. Pepper) [2 hours later...] AJ: Hey where did everyone go? Kim: Uhhh....*shrugs shoulders* Maybe Kristy went to get some paper towels to soak up Howie's drool. AJ: *nods head* Kim: So everyone that concludes the- [Kristy walks in with David Arquette] Kim: What the HELL? Kristy: It's our next interview! I saw him in the uh...bathroom. Ha.

Warning! This interview may have or may not have taken place. You be the judge.
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