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Hi SCREAM fans and welcome to our site! It is really cool.

I suggest that you take a load off and check it out!

"As if, that's all Im' saying, as if!", "Oh really Alicia." (Stu and Randy from "Scream")

"Watch a few movies, take a few notes!" (Stu from "Scream")

"You'll always be the geek that never gets the girl!", "____CK You!" (The Killer and Randy from "Scream 2")

"Page 41, Deputy Dewey ooozes with inexperience." (Dewey talking to Gale in "Scream 2")

Scream KICK butt sites

Sidney Prescott's SCREAM Page
Skate Shack
A Cool Dazed and Confused Movie Site

The Offspring

A Sk8ers SCREAM Chat

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